North Indian Bridal Makeup Pune | Destination Wedding Makeup India

North Indian Bridal Makeup Pune | Destination Wedding Makeup India

Wedding is a magnificent day for a woman. It is special for her family as well and all close beloved people gather to be a part of wedding traditions and rituals. There are lots of things in her to-do list and arrangements to make. All of her families and herself are busy in shopping and deciding every kind of requirement beforehand. For example, the bride to be has to perform shopping for her attire, jewelry, accessories, etc. In India, most of the weddings are celebrated with grand feast, customs and rituals. Especially in North India, brides and grooms make the most out of weddings as the couple is the center of attraction and they like to have the best in everything during their wedding, be it looks through North Indian bridal makeup and hairstyles, food, hospitality or the venue. Let us know more about North Indian Wedding and the needs of a traditional North Indian bride.

What is North Indian Wedding?

North India includes various states of India such as Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Union territories of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, etc. In all of these states, weddings are one of the most important ceremonies which are celebrated with loyalty of traditions and customs. Many rites are performed and pre wedding rituals like sagai or magni (engagement), mehandi, sangeet and haldi ceremony are performed. In the presence of sacred fire (Agni), the vows between the bride and the groom are exchanged along with saat phere and they accept each other soulfully. Other rituals like havan, puja, exchanging garlands, blessing the couple and bidaai are also performed. Putting sindoor or vermillion on bride’s head and mangal sutra by the groom are also very important part of the wedding. The traditional North Indian bride is beautifully decorated in her North Indian bridal jewelry, wedding lehenga or saree (usually shades of red), accessories, beautiful makeup and hairstyle.


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North Indian Bridal Lehangas or Sarees:

The most attention catching attribute in the wedding is the attire that a bride wears. A traditional North Indian bride normally prefers to wear lehengas or wedding sarees in her grand day. She carefully chooses one from a variety of options and takes care that she has made a choice for the most beautiful and charming attire for herself. Letting her choose of her attire is an essential part as it motivates her to be cheerful about marriage.
There are lots of options for choosing North Indian Bridal Lehengas or sarees. One can go physically to the shops or can also buy conveniently through an online platform. If the bride has made up mind about a particular colour and style of the dress she wants for the wedding, then it makes thing very easier. Otherwise, she can get an idea through a brief research and analysis about the same through her friends, families or internet. There are many lehengas available in variety of colors, materials, shades and styles in the market that a traditional North Indian bride prefers. She can go for red color with golden zari work, mixture of pink and golden colour, beige and maroon, pink and green or a mixture of orange and blue or beige. All of these are high in fashion with differently designed patterns and motifs. A lehenga look is completed with a choli and dupatta. Therefore, it is important to take care of choli and dupatta as well while choosing a lehenga set. The heaviness, design and embroidery work which are given to all three parts decides the gorgeousness of a bridal lehenga. Accordingly, North Indian bridal hairstyle and makeup is suited to her. North Indian brides usually wait very eagerly for the wedding day because of an opportunity to wear their stunning dress. Therefore, choosing the most gorgeous among the North Indian bridal lehengas is important for them.
Wedding sarees are also available in wide options in the market. The significant factor to be kept in mind is that the sellers should be authentic and the material and product they are giving to the customers should be of superior quality. Customers can see the sellers’ reviews through many other customers or do a quick research on how well they have performed as a seller till date as their records can help in making decision.



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North Indian Bridal Jewelry and Types

Also, matching jewelries or ornaments are must for the brides as these are the ornaments that highlight and enhance the beauty of lehengas and sarees. North Indian bridal jewelry in form of earrings, ring, anklet, necklace, bangles, bajuband, kamarbandh, toe rings, maang tika and nath makes the bride the most gorgeous women in the wedding. Kundan or stone jewelry are preferred by Indian women and many prefer not to use heavy jewelry too that outshines their dresses. Her smile in lips is also the most beautiful jewelry required to be worn. This completes the needs for a North Indian bridal jewelry.



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North Indian Bridal Makeup

A North Indian bridal makeup is usually a bright one that helps her to make her as the most attractive person in the wedding. Depending upon the skin tone of the bride, she can opt for different styles of makeup through a professional. It is important not to go overboard and opt for a natural looking makeup. A modern look is minimal as well as trendy and suits the best for her attire. The makeup decided upon the personality of the bride is best. North Indian girls are mostly cheerful and cool, she makes up her mind to face the challenges and happiness of a marriage. She is given a North Indian bridal makeup her doll like appearance wins everyone’s heart.
Taking help of the makeup artists to choose the most suiting look will make you glad. Indian Bridal makeup is given based on various factors. In a North Indian wedding, Light and nude shades of lipsticks, foundation, concealer and compact powder are very much in fashion. One can go for highlighting and smokey eyes, light cream blush and minimalist lips.
North Indian Bridal Hairstyles
Not only for brides, but all attendees of the North Indian wedding are very conscious of their hairstyles since it is that decides your whole look. So, for the bride it cannot be ignored at all. North Indian bridal hairstyles are given by artist in various ways including bouquet bun, loose romantic braid, dramatic center parted bun, curly tendrils updo, elegant twisted side bun, bumped up curls, criss cross flower accented bun and side parted ringlet bun. All of these are preferred mostly by the makeup artist or hairstylists for North Indian bridal hairstyles. These never go out of fashion and give a trendy and elegant look to the brides.
This way, taking care of each and every aspect mentioned here, a complete North Indian bridal look can be achieved.


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