Top Candid Wedding Photographers in Pune

It’s been a long time I am into wedding makeup business in Pune / Mumbai ( India ). Being a makeup artist I have worked with good wedding photographers and few of them are closed friends of mine. I have personally seen their work or through brides who took up my services. I have always been asked by my brides to recommend a good/top wedding photographer. This post would be a starting point for all brides who are hunting for photographers.

The below list is in no particular order. You are advised to visit each photographers website or fb page to see the glimpse of their work.

1. Abhijit Kalamkar

2. Jyoti Vyas

3. Navdeep Soni

4. Mehul Chimthankar

5. Shantanu Bedarkar


7. Girish Joshi

8. amouraffairs

9. Tonmoy Saha

10. Vivah Photos by Sachin Bhor

11. Robin Saini

12. Scarlet Weddings

13. Sarang Atre

14. Nachiket Sonawane

15. Sunitha Shetty

16. Sarvesh Rajpathak

17. Nitts Photography

18. Aniket Kanitkar